Sassy Wingback Completed

Awhile back I wrote about a custom chair project I was working on.  It is a chair that has been passed down in my clients family and until recently was taking up space in a dark basement corner, almost completely forgotten until she was out searching for the perfect chair. 

I was happy that she decided to go bold with the pattern over the safer choice of a pretty neutral.  When I checked the fabric source for yardage and found that there was limited stock available, I ordered it right away even though my client wanted to wait a couple of months before having it upholstered. Turns out this was a smart move since the fabric is now out of stock.  Better safe than sorry although I'm sure it will be back in stock at some point, better to avoid delays if possible.

It arrived back from the upholster a few days ago and has been receiving plenty of praise as it graced our entry way waiting to be taken home.


  1. Looks great, I love the fabric. Smart move ordering it when you did.

  2. wow, that looks phenomenal! way to breathe new life into an old family keepsake.

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