imagine this: artistically modern LA living

I found Kimbirdy {or should I say she found me?} when I posted my {imagined} house entry where I took a picture of my red brick gem of a rental and transformed it into my dream version of what it would look like if I could have it my way.
She left a sweet comment saying "and when you are done, can you come make me one just like it? i love bungalows and desperately want one of my own someday... someday when i can afford it that is. oh california and your ridiculous real estate prices."
 {art source}{images of Kim from her site}
It got me thinking.  Wouldn't it be fun to have her send me a picture of her place and see what I could come up with?  So I did.  And she has been sweet enough to play along.

As I've played around with her place I've been reading her great blog and quickly realized this girl is as sweet as they come.  She writes about her life in California in a way that brings a smile to my face every time I visit her site, Fill Your Well
See her cool blue house above?  She told me that she loves the courtyard and wishes her place was a bit bigger so she could have an art studio.  Understand that this is just a conceptual rendering, to know if anything like this were possible there would be a lot more involvement.  This is just for fun. 

In real life, her man is building her a studio in the yard, but in my imagined reality she has her roof top studio with room left over for a patio to enjoy that great LA weather.  Glass panels suspended under the handrails would allow for a clear view of the tree tops around her place.

A few other things:  Extending part of the front of her house to create space for bay window {another wish of hers}within an architectural feature with wooden vertical lines would take the eye upwards and blend the new addition with the cool blue stucco.  Then taking the existing bathroom window and making it much bigger and taking it to the ceiling with similarly shaped windows in the art studio above would let in loads of diffused natural light. Putting a cantilevered roof on top would shade the outdoor space and would allow for lots of recessed lighting for night time fun.  {I also pretend that there are solar panels on top capturing light to help with energy costs so Kimbirdy and her mister can travel more.}

I would accessorize the outdoor spaces with fun colors and bold patterns to take some of the edge off of the modern lines to blend that polished look into something very  livable and very inviting.


I had so much fun playing with Kim's house, I'd love to do another one.  Just leave me a comment that lets me know why you think your home should be featured on my 'imagine this' series.  {and be sure to become a follower}
Contest ends tonight at midnight.


  1. oh my goodness, this is so unbelievably awesome!!! i am floored at how beautifully you re-imagined our teeny apartment. i love the top floor addition and the whole modern feel. the natural wood, plus the pops of color are exactly us. oh and we would LOVE to have solar panels someday! seriously, it's far more amazing than i imagined, which is why you're the professional! :) and the mister (who is an interior designer) was seriously impressed too. he loved all the creative additions, the interplay of forms, and he agreed that this was totally fitting for our style. his exact words were, "i didn't know it until now, but that's exactly how i want our house to look!"

    so thank you thank you thank you! now, to actually get this built... ;)

  2. Awesome rendering! This is a dream home for any modern girl!

  3. The way you transformed Kim's home is absolutely incredible! And I love that you gave her an artist's studio (she needs one). I would so adore being part of this series, especially since I live in the beigest apartment in the world. Anything you could do to transform it would be incredible.

  4. Well, I have no idea what you would do with my big box house in the Virginia suburbs, but if I win I would submit any part of it for your imagination to improve.

  5. Love what you have suggested for Kim's house - love that blue!!I Would also love to see what you could come up with of ideas to do up my Scandinavian apartment, we have open plan living, curved walls and glass on all the other walls - very light, airy and kinda tricky :)
    And yes please I would love to follow your blog - awesome!!

  6. I always follow your blog. And the perfect addition to my home would be a visit from you... preferrably in July. Love you Sweet Niece.

  7. um, amazing!!!! gah! love it ALL!

  8. That is so perfect, and SO KIM!

    I would love it if you'd make over my circa 1969 split-level in the suburbs! Why? Because it's not big and bright enough for a busy little family like mine. I'd love a deck to spend summer afternoons on while the boys play in the yard, a bigger and more family-friendly kitchen, and more than one bathroom! We will never move from this house, unless we win the lottery, so it would be great to get some fun design ideas...

  9. Because mine has never ever ever been decorated. Ever. Needs helps!

  10. Im living in a house that is well over a hundred years old and it is currently (but as slow as molasses) getting remodeled by my dad. It is my parents home but it is taking forever and my mom has a hard time piecing together all of her ideas and keeping them straight for the room that she wants them in. Its frustrating and mind boggling at times because of the age and architecture of the house. Please please PLEASE HELP! please... I am truly begging.