Hi!  I'm Jenna.  Artist.  Interior designer.  Wife of David.  Animal lover.  Seeker of beauty and adventures.  Collector of details and a total color nut.

I dream of a home with soul, filled with laughter and floods of natural light.  Welcoming spaces for friends and family and collections of art and memories.  The ultimate nest for this design bird to share my love for the feeling of coming home.  Because there is nothing like it.  I'm a homebody with a mean streak of wanderlust.  I grew up in Bountiful, spent seven sun drenched years in St. George, met and fell in love with my husband while living in The Avenues in Salt Lake City and we now live in Orem while David attends law school.  If life were the kind of thing you could plan, I'd say we'll back in the Avenues in no time, but I know better than plotting.  So I'll dream and see what happens next.

My personal design style is first and foremost comfortable with plenty of classic structure blended with bits of modern, lots of eclectic whimsy and quirky surprises thrown in for good measure.  I believe that whatever we bring into our homes should bring us joy.  I also believe that our homes are the backdrop of our lives.  This is what makes my work important.  I'm creating places where lives are lived to the fullest, surrounded by beauty that is an expression of the people who live there.  After all, beauty is a positive force.

I fall in love with color all over again every single day. If you asked me for a favorite color I'd probably pick one at random just so I wouldn't have to admit I can't make up my mind on something that seems like such a simple question.  I love the green of the inside of an avocado, the stormy blue eyes of my best friend and love, and the spicy muted color or curry as much as I love fresh vibrant colors with lots of white and a neutral pallet to give them plenty of space to be breathe.
Designer is stamped on the material I'm made from.  I have a degree in design, though really that is just a piece of paper that signifies a few of the biggest growing years of my life.  The principles of design apply directly to my views on the world, harmony, balance, rhythm, proportion and scale are important to me not just in creating a space, but in living life.  I'm a big fan of traveling, literature, art, cooking, animals, cycling, music, mid-century furniture and thrift store sifting.

Design Sparrow is a place for me to share the little details in life that make me smile. You'll find a bit of everything here, with a heavy emphasis on things that inspire me, projects I'm working on, and bits of every day life mixed in.