Market Monday: Carrara Marble

It seems everywhere I look I'm seeing Cararra marble and I'm not just jumping on the trendy wagon.  Yes, it is popular, but so very classic in my opinion and I've loved it in all kinds of applications.  But now that we're seeing it a lot more in kitchens, I'm loving it even more.
 The first time I remember seeing marble in a kitchen was at Caitlin Creer's house.  I woke up early one Saturday morning to go to her yard sale {everything was pretty much gone by the time I got there at 9!}and Kirsten asked if she could take me inside to show me the house.  When I saw the kitchen I asked as I collected my jaw from the ground, "Can she do that?!"  She did.  And holy smokes, it is gorgeous!!! 

If I were using it in my own kitchen I would make sure to have a work surface in something I couldn't stain.  I need indestructible when it comes to creating anything be it dinner, or some around the house project.  When I'm into something I don't slow down to think about the damage I might do. 

 I'm NOT the type of girl to think of throwing down some butcher paper until it is too late and I'm lamenting in hindsight.  Though I've heard if you're worried about staining, you can just get it over with and rub tomato juice all over it for a unified stain.  That scares me.  Does it have a pink cast to it once you are done?
I love this kitchen above for the mix of materials, the horizontal lines creating a contemporary feeling and the great table on wheels with seating options.  Talk about a great kitchen to entertain in.


  1. All those years we lived in Germany we rented a huge home owned by the local marble fabricator. Our floors were marble, the two sets of spiral staircases were marble, all the window sills were marble and the spaciousness of a park bench. It was a cool house, that's right, a very cold house. But easy to clean and smart to look at.

  2. Wow, it's incredibly beautiful, but I definitely need something I don't have to baby.