We went to a backyard discussion lead by a Buddhist monk a couple evenings ago and while I didn't feel especially moved by anything he said, I'm still thinking about a few things that play nicely with how I view the world.  Which may sound narrow minded that I choose to continue thinking only about the things that fit in with my world view.  I weighed the other stuff he shared and happily left it there in the evening shadows. 

So while I had my toes tucked into the cool grass, watching the shadows chase the sunshine across the wild backyard garden, and the mountains basking in a sunset I couldn't see, these are a few of those things that I was willing to tuck away with me.
I create my reality by what stories I tell myself about the past and the future, and how capable I am of living in the present.  He asked who we'd be if we didn't have out stories.  Can you even imagine that?  My stories are so dear to me.  And maybe that is the point.  Making sure those stories are who I am and not letting them overtake me. 
My thoughts determine the type of relationships I have. 

"I have everything I need within me."  When I'm frustrated, tired, anxious, ad nauseum, I have the ability to reach within myself and find peace, happiness, balance.  I do think there is a missing element to this idea unless it includes the ability to communicate on a personal level with my creator.  I'm not in this alone, nor would I want to be.  I can dig as deep as I want to into myself searching for inner peace and come up empty handed without His help.

I need to master the ability to quickly let go and forgive because it was over the moment it happened.  I am the only one who determines whether or not I carry it past that point and burden myself with it.  

If I can learn to love in terms of the word agape, which means 'to let be' I can love without judgement. 

And probably my favorite concept shared that night is that soil has the potential to grow anything we choose to plant.  It is up to us to determine what our focus will be. 

So here's to being more aware of my present tense self, not who I was, or who I want to be.  And pay better attention to the kinds of stories I'm telling myself because it really is up to me to shape my reality.  In keeping with this new effort, I'm skipping the highlight list this week in hopes that not distilling them into one liners will allow them to keep all their loveliest dimensions. 

I'm off for some adventures with some pretty stellar girls amongst some pretty spectacular mountains.  Or so I've been hearing.  I'll let you know when I get back.


  1. This speaks to me because I value my stories more than anything else. Because they are all I have from experiences. Beautifully said, my friend.

  2. Everything you've heard about said mountains is TRUE.