Just another fun packed summer week over here.  Nothing really of note.  Which is probably notable in itself that the norm around these parts is a holding steady at fantastic.

Fantastic doesn’t mean hanging out on a cloud where I don’t feel anything but bliss.  I don’t want or expect that.  I want real life and the ability to see the potential in the day to day trying.  So while I've felt my share of not so fun emotions this week and have felt very misunderstood and a little out of my depth, I still can shake that all off and say with all certainty that I wouldn't want it any other way.  I marvel at the simplicity and depth of all life has to offer.

Work has been flying by at a hectic pace all day today so I'll go right to it because I still have a list of things to accomplish before my weekend can begin.  

To the highlights:
A bike ride that tested my limits Saturday morning.  When the canyon was too windy to be any fun, my bike and I agreed that taking the most direct route to the top of a mountainside neighborhood seemed like a good alternative.  The early morning quiet and the view totally made the agonizing climb worth it.
Visiting the lavender farm a day after the fields were harvested.  It's OK.  Next year. {3rd time is a charm?}  It was the company and conversation that made the trip memorable.
Meeting more of David's people - it's great to see him through the eyes of the ones who have loved him the longest.
Our annual office Bees game and fireworks - suite style.
A holiday in the middle of the week spent with family and loved ones - I still can't believe Ben and family live in Utah right now.
And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness.
2 Nephi 5:27


  1. Check off and savor another week well done. Love the family portrait in the elevator.

  2. You are a stunning couple.

  3. I'm always happy when Friday comes so I can see your latest happenings.