Thursday felt like a blast from the past as I packed my car and headed for Midway, Utah.  Countless weekends as a kid started out this same way.  Only this trip had another layer of excitement since instead of heading East towards the mountains and our family cabin, I headed West towards David and his family.  And by family, I mean all 26 of them. Minus two brother in laws.

That is quite the crowd, especially for this girl who grew up in a family of 4.  Family gatherings for us have grown over the years since the arrival of Kwona and the kids, and I've never been short on family since my extended family has been so close.  But our group of 9 total didn't exactly prepare me for what to expect when his parents, six siblings and their families get together.  I can report back that I absolutely relished it.  Especially being in the kitchen with everyone coming and going.  At the heart of the crazy whirlwind pace that fits very nicely with this multitasking infused mind of mine.
 Plus, we found plenty of opportunities to steal away just the two of us.  Nightly chats in twin rocking chairs on the porch under the stars.   A nostalgic drive to Timber Lakes where our cabin still sits nestled in the aspen trees holding all kinds of treasured memories.  A really fun bike ride that left me breathless and ready to get back into mountain biking.  Especially after seeing how at home he was out there flying through the sagebrush.  And reading on a blanket in the shade on the other side of the creek in the backyard.
As for the rest of the week, it's been pretty quiet in comparison.  A quiet dinner where we both we missed his family.  A respite from the world Tuesday night in the Bountiful Temple.  An enlightening lecture Wednesday night.  A walk in the park.  And some much needed moments with the Awesomes.
 Last night after winning a game of cards {this is not bragging, this is getting it down in the history of me that she doesn't always win} I headed out to Kristen and Tim's to see if they would love the tile I found for their shower as much as I do.  They did, {yea!} so then Kristen and I hit the road for a n evening ride.
They are spoiling me for all future remodel jobs.  I can't wait to show you the finished product, their home is coming together beautifully.  As we were dropped down into the valley in the photo below I sighed the most contented sigh that sent a frisson of pure happiness through every cell of me.  This is my life.  Nourished.  Joyful.  So full of blessings.
"When I think about what moves me most in my life, IT IS BEAUTY.

Beauty holds my world together, it fulfills a need in my soul; it helps me survive.  Beauty is my inspiration for my life and for my work.  I find its qualities evocative, and always in its presence I pause, aware of the mysterious becoming visible."

The first two paragraphs of Barbara Barry's book Around Beauty.
She has always been an inspiration and a favorite designer of mine.  It's been such a thrill to work closely with one of the companies she designs for because I've been able to learn more about her from the people who work directly with her. {We're basically besties through association right? Right. I think so too.} We received this book yesterday with her new collection of textiles and I haven't been able to put it down since I picked it up this morning.  I had to use some self control to bookmark it for later and get some real work done.  I was nodding along and smiling to myself as I read her insightful words.  Barabara Barry, you are a true genius in every way imaginable.


  1. So true about "beauty"'. The interesting thing is that you see some modicum of beauty in absolutely everything...with each of your senses you pick up on existing fragments of beauty. That's why Life, in all its forms, gives you so much pleasure. And that's why being around you brings so much pleasure for others.

  2. I'm sooooooo happy to read this. Please get married tomorrow!

  3. Sounds like another beautiful week in your life. So happy to see happiness bursting from every seam in your life.

  4. You are a stealth photographer!
    Ps: could you BE any more photogenic?? Just askin'....