It isn’t a little known fact that apartment life has its pros and cons.  Anyone who has moved into an apartment building would probably tell you it adds a whole other dimension to moving when an elevator and tight stairwells are involved.   Being reminded of this fact of life in such a comical way was especially befitting since I’ve been studying the topic of opposition.  

“Without contraries there is no progression...” - William Blake

As my week has unfolded I’ve run into a rough spot here and there and I have thought to myself, opposition at its finest.  I have an absolute stock pile of truly magical moments from the past week as well so it’s fine by me if life throws me a few absolutely irritating moments to balance things out.  How else do I expect to become a better human? 

So there I was determined to carry all of my bulk sized groceries into my building in one load yesterday evening when I met up with some neighbors by the mailboxes who also had their arms full of way too many things.   He deftly went from a respectable two handed hold on their dinner, drinks, and dog to a one handed juggling act to hold open the elevator door for us as she added their mail to the stash of things already stuffed under her arm.  We debated the life of the apartment dweller as we piled into the elevator each with our respective spheres of  things.  Why were we constantly carrying so many things in and out we asked each other.  And why do we insist on trying to do it all in one load.  Our laughter was the knowing kind. {Here! here! to apartment dweller solidarity.} All the while unbeknownst to me {like a modern day gluten free Gretel} I was leaving a trail of brown rice that was silently escaping out of a split in the bottom of the very bag hesitated purchasing because of the very scenario I found myself in.

As I got off the elevator my friendly neighbors exclaimed their dismay as they noticed the impressive pile of rice I had left in the elevator where I stood.   I set the bag down as quickly as I could after further scattering rice all over the third floor.  This is why people buy houses the guy told me as I surveyed my very messy mess and they continued upward with their belongings all still stacked precariously in their arms.   

The bigger question here is - if spilling salt is bad luck, then is spilling rice considered good luck since it is after all, a lucky grain?  I'm going to be one very lucky girl if that's the case.  Though really, I already am.

C’est la vie and all that.   To the highlights!

Bear Lake and all of its awesomeness for 3 glorious days.
Included, but not limited to:
Camping, fun in the sun, hiking, stargazing, playing with Casey and Ryan, hanging out with Michele, Coree and Dwight, watching afternoon storms roll in, laughing til I cried when he turned into a angry Asian man at lunch, quiet meals on the deck, talking and reading and hummus, drifting off towards the other side of the lake in an inner-tube with that guy who is fast becoming my best friend.
 Bloomington Lake with David and Michele.
A chilly but beautiful early morning bike ride to North Beach
These last 4 photos are of some of my favorites: Road trips, constantly changing weather, sage brush, and the illusive man behind the sage brush.

And other non Bear Lake related highlights:

Seriously great clients - the remodel is going really well
 4 day weekends
Back to school shopping at the outlets
Forth of July fireworks in Midway
Meeting the rest of his family in Midway Tuesday - 6 siblings, spouses, lots of nieces and nephews
 Anticipating another long weekend with all those people mentioned above.  Today is my Friday!


  1. I must appreciate the fact that we are getting these updates earlier than Friday as it means you are out living life to the fullest on Friday and have no time for such things.


    HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!!!! I hope it's the best!

  3. I am pretty sure there is a heart in that cloud!! Or at least a potential one! Have a great weekend:)

  4. Sounds like you are in control as always.......taking any kind of life lemons and turning them into the sweetest lemonade.

  5. Happiness is oozing from the screen.....love it!