ALT TAB: 36/52

Fall is here!
Give me a point in the obvious game.
I know some wish that fall wasn't coming, but I am not one of them.  Bring it on.

Now that we've talked about the weather, I can tell you about the things I did while enjoying the great weather.

Saturday I rode up Emigration Canyon and took the road to Pinecrest instead of climbing the summit like usual.  I guess you could say I took the road less traveled, and I was super happy about it.  Just as I started my decent the gray clouds let loose and what was at first just a light sprinkle soon became a full on down pour.  When I couldn't see and my breaks were to wet to work, I stopped under a tree to wait it out.
 Labor Day was a nice relaxing day off and included a great ride to Brigham City.  My favorite part aside from the smell of warm leather and ripe peaches in the orchards was the unmistakable fallish slant to the afternoon sun.


  1. Enjoy the fall while it lasts - snow tends to come early to the Salt Lake Valley!

  2. Such a lovely post. Love that shot of you guys' shadow. So fun!

  3. My favorite time of the year....nostalgia rules the Autumn hours. Enjoy.