ALT TAB: 35/52

 Talk about a great week for our country.  
I haven't felt this optimistic about the state of things in a long time.  I hope the sincerity and the honest to goodness belief system Mitt Romney is all about really takes hold in everyone's hearts because it's what we need to right now to dig ourselves out of the mess we're in.
I'll never be a political junkie {or maybe I could be with a president I can respect?} because I prefer to listen to pretty music in the car instead of talk shows, I use my spare online time browsing blogs or watching movies instead of reading the news.  I don't think I have my head in the sand, I'm not unwilling or unaware.  I just prefer to take my reality doses in small amounts. Following the blow by blow on the news hasn't been what I've done in the past because the little I do see twice a week while I eat dinner with my grandparents is enough for me to get the gist.  I see a country reeling and a lot of really confused people and it doesn't bring peace to my heart because there haven't been any solutions or answers until now.   Listening to the RNC all week has really got me all fired up.  I can get passionate about the values and focus on family and the things I hold dear. 

But enough about that.  {Before I have to change my statement about being a junkie.}

Other highlights from my week:

My bfbf in town.  All.week.long.  We went on real dates, not pretend ones on the phone.  Including his 20 year high school reunion where I won seventeen thousand dollars.  Fake dollars that is.  Gambling is fun with fake money and a dealer who deals both off the top and bottom of the deck.

Having the relief society over for breakfast Sunday morning.  I love those girls.
Also, I have a new roommate and it's been great having her around.  There aren't many people that I would be willing to let into my cave of a basement, but it's been awesome and I really like the idea of saving on rent every month.

More of that fantastic in between seasons weather. Including rain storms and sunsets and that harvest heat.

Dinners with friends. Adri and Adelaide one night, my fashion remix team the next.
Lunch with my colleagues and really coming together as a team.  I'm really starting to love my job.  And how about a raise?  Thank you very much.

Dinner with The Awesome's and then a beautiful drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon listening to the RNC watching mist come off the road from a storm, catching glimpses of moose {moosen} in the trees, and relaxing in the hot tub with that wonderfully understanding man of mine with the smell of rain and wet pine hanging around.  The excitement of the night was palpable and imagining the rest of the country feeling the same way had me feeling like a real patriot.  Go USA.
"We're not dumb enough to think there are easy answers, but we're smart enough to know there are better answers."
{paraphrased quote from Ann Romney's speach earlier this week}


  1. a raise and a roommate?!? that's a double raise!!! hooray!!!

  2. I was totally stoked on the RNC as well - I'm an independent, but I felt like they're finally starting to get it! I was hooked on the speeches and watched them over several days. Loved that quote from Ann Romney.