ALT TAB: 34/52

 This week is so stocked with highlights, I'll just get right to it:

Having my parents in town for a few days.

Six lovely evenings in a row at the Awesome's house having fun with various family members coming and going.

Hanging with my dad at the bike shop.  Which led to riding Emigration Canyon later on.  It was so wonderful to be back on my bike after a week and a half of healing.  I no longer resemble the chew toy of a wild animal.

Finishing a week of fighting pills into the cat.  2 weeks to go.  We both hate the whole ordeal.  I wish she listened to reason. 

The absolutely most divine summer weather ever. 
 "Happiness, hit her like a train on a track."
Florence and the Machine


  1. Whoa, awesome pics. If that's Grandma Awesome playing scrabble, she really does look awesome. If you like Florence and the Machine, you should check out Elizabeth & the Catapult, and Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps. Both excellent.