ALT TAB: 33/52

  I've had quite the week.

I had my first bike wreck and I really made it count.
The short story is I misjudged a turn and ended up in a ditch.

I was on mile 9 of a 40 mile ride when the earth jumped up and smacked me around a bit to see if I was paying attention.  I must not have been for making such a poor judgement call that made the left side of my body a good study in various degrees of road burn and healing bruises. As I walked my bike over to a gas station nearby {which was heaven sent since the trail is pretty remote} I surveyed the damage and was glad the worst of it was on my arm so I could keep riding.  I know, what was I thinking?  But after scrubbing most of the dirt out of my arm and changing the tire that also got shredded in the fall, I was determined to finish the ride.  It wasn't a choice whether or not to finish in my opinion.  I was so enjoying the sunshine, had yet to feel any real pain, and completing the ride sounded like the best medicine available.
See my ditch over there on the right? There was a split second before I dove in and got tangled up with my dear bike like a twisted pretzel where I thought it looked soft at the bottom and hoped for a nice landing... I wouldn't call it nice exactly, but it could have been much worse.  I'll take a ditch over asphalt any day.

Adelaide's first birthday was definitely a highlight.  She's a sweet girl and overcame a lot in her first year of life, including an open heart surgery.  She really enjoyed her lady bug birthday party, especially the cake her mom made for her.  It's always great getting together with this group of friends from school.

I have a renewed appreciation for my neighborhood this week as the weather has cooled down and I've spent more time walking around the quiet streets to stretch my sore body.
Not to be outdone, Vesper has also been a little tipsy this week.  I thought it was cute at first when she stumbled over her own paws but when she kept bumping into things and falling down I knew something was not right in her kitty world.
So I boxed her up and we headed for the clinic where the vet did blood work and found that she has something going on with her kidneys and has a bladder infection.  Poor girl.
She and I have been laying low this week together.  Lots of naps and lots of cuddling.
The owner of one of the companies we represent was in town for a visit this week.  His company does quite a bit of work with the LDS Church so when we realized his visit fell during the open house for the vendors who provided products for the new Brigham City temple it seemed serendipitous that he be here for that.
We went on a tour together yesterday and even though he was there with a business agenda and was no doubt scrutinizing the furniture, I was curious about his reaction to the distinct {and awesome}feeling there. 
last but certainly not least on the highlight reel for the week - spending a few minutes in a parking lot with that man of mine between his flights to and from places.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.


  1. Glad it wasn't too serious. You are a die hard.

  2. It is a wonder you did not break your neck! But proud of tough you for getting up, brushing off, and finishing the race. You excell in all things, even the clumsy and painful.

  3. Who was in town? Cabot Wrenn? SO cool!
    And that beehive is INCREDIBLE!!!

  4. Pretty picture of you in your bike gear. You're tough to keep on riding with those huge battle wounds. And I'm glad you didn't get hurt any worse than you did and that your cat's doing better too. :)