ALT TAB: 32/52 {the weekend part}

I had to wait a few days before I gathered these photos so I could do so without crying.  Even still, there has been an uncomfortable lump in the back of my throat as I've put this post together.
I try to see the bright side of having Ben and family live half a world away.  It truly makes me appreciate the time we have together.  Though even with that mindset to take it all in - I still look back and think, could I have crammed in more?  More hugs, more laughs, just... more.

{A few of the}highlights from my weekend:

Gorgeous drives from North to South and back again while the sun sets and the landscape constantly changes.  I feel like I've seen a good amount of the world and Utah is still the only place where my soul seems to sigh in complete happiness while driving along the interstate.

Even though I didn't grow up in this house, still having the wonderful feeling of coming home.

Starting the weekend with a 25 mile ride from my parents house to Zion National Park.  I had just finished climbing a big hill and was looking forward to the rest of the ride when my parents showed up as my support vehicle.  For the next 20 miles or so they were there every few miles stopped off along the side of the road to cheer me on.  Having them there totally made my day.  I had extra energy because they were there and shave off 30 minutes from the last time I made the same ride.

The road trip to and from Vegas.
Leaving Vegas.
OK, OK, so it wasn't all that bad since we were together so it didn't really matter where we were.  But if I were to say I hate one city in the world, Vegas would be it.  But hanging around the 'nem nem' {M & M}factory and having dinner the Hard Rock Cafe then getting the heck out of dodge wasn't really so bad.

Shopping and sushi with Kwona and my mom Saturday afternoon while everyone else went swimming.

Mornings spent on the back porch with my parents while the rest of the family slept.

Sleeping on the back porch with that fantastic musty smell of rain in the desert.
Really, is there anything better?  I can't think of one single thing.

A sweet fast and testimony meeting where almost every Rix got up.  It was like a domino effect that my wonderful mom started.  It was nice hearing from everyone.

Sunday dinner, spending some time outside watching the kids ride bikes while it rained just enough to make the sky a lovely light grey shade of overcast.  And a game of Rummycube {to keep my status of unbeatable fresh} before I had to drag myself away and hit the road.

A long goodbye with lots of hugs and laughing and picture taking.  It really is the in between moments that mean the most isn't it?  I I could, I'd capture it all up to carry around in my heart like a greedy squirrel until next time.
"Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss."
Nacho Libre


  1. Goodbyes are always tough and they don't get any easier. Hope they have a safe flight home.

  2. Your quote made my day. LOVE that one!!!!
    Your littlest niece is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Sad that they left :(, hopefully you'll see them soon somehow!

  3. How come it always ends in goodbyes?