ALT TAB: 32/52 {the rest of the week}

 I've been bending the rules I loosely set up for this ALT TAB project at the first of the year.  The rule was only one post a week to simplify my life, but it's my project and when I have enough to share to warrant two posts... well then, two posts in one week it is.
 The tree in my front yard is on the same wavelength as me this week.  It is already changing its wardrobe for fall.  I'm right there with you tree, I'm ready for sweater weather too.  I'm itching to un-box the wool and cable knit.  As usual I'm rushing change so I'm distracting myself and coming up with a few ideas to stretch out summer in a fun way.  Re: bigger and bigger bike rides planned in the coming weeks.

To placate my need for change, I rearranged my room for the umpteenth time in my life.  I had other things to do when I got home from work the other day but gave myself an hour to pull it off.  An hour later I was all done and feeling really good about the newness.

What is this need to constantly shed the old shell?  This itch to color my hair and organize my universe to within an inch of over the edge obsessive compulsiveness.  Maybe because as I turn figurative corners inside my mind I want my world around me to mirror the new season changing inside me.... is this waxing poetic?  What does that mean anyway?  Go google it for me would you, I'm not in the mood.

Instead, some more highlights from an already awesome week: 
{beware: heavy on the RC1 raving going on below}

Even though it's more fun when he's in town, it's a whole other kind of fun entirely when my mr photographer is out of town.  He called Monday afternoon right when I needed him from some tiny town on the other side of the country mid adventure and made my day brighter.  It's fun missing him.

Even when there is water where there shouldn't be water my man can keep a smile on his face

Listening to music and painting is still one of the best ways for me to feel both happy / frustrated / elated in a good creative kind of way.

Hanging with Grandma Awesome in the nook.
{This will always, always be a highlight in my week.}
I should also mention that it's nice to have Grandpa Awesome's quiet presence there too before he goes off to read, or water the yard after dinner so we can play our card games.  I love his kind smile, the gentleness in his eye when he looks at Grandma, and a sweet comment just when you least expect it.  I don't mention him enough here.

Eating a potato on a stick in the park at dusk, seeing old neighbors, and holding hands with that man of mine savoring the moments together before he jets off again.

Booked a flight to spend my birthday weekend with my long lost twin separated at birth. 
{No, not literally, but Jax counts as a sister in my book.} 

Rain on the tin roof as I finish up this post.  It's a fantastic sound and it means fresh air for my ride tomorrow.

See what I mean?  Lots of raving going on, but I don't care.
"Don't you just love New York Salt Lake in the fall?"


  1. Love this! Bending your own rules made for a fantastic post. Beautiful photography.

  2. Maybe you're a hermit crab, always looking for a new shell?

  3. Rave on Wild Woman. We all need your perspective on Life. Gratitude for every inch and minute of your Life is so refreshing.