ALT TAB: 31/52

 If I had to chose my favorite summer month, August would be it.  
I like the long deep blue shadows on the hot sidewalk, the sun burnt wild grass on the mountains, chirping crickets, the sage brush in bloom, the smell of tomatoes on the vine, the wildflowers at their wildest... really, this list could get long.

 August is a great in between month.  It's still summer, but fall is there waiting in the morning dew, the craving to buy school supplies, squash season about to begin - oh goodie goodie gum drop - the squash season!!!  Remember the great squash experiment last fall where I ate my way through all the different kinds of squash I could get my hands on to find my favorite?  I never did decide, guess I'll have to try again.
Highlights from the week:
Looking forward to the weekend all week long because I'll be spending it with Ben and family 
{while avoiding the thought that inevitably follows that it'll be the last time in who knows how long - that is not a highlight.}

I registered for a contemporary landscape painting class.  
{The need for school supplies is not lost on me here.}

A picnic in Adrienne's mom's garden.  Wow.  One day I'd like to have a garden like hers. 

Dinner with two girls who have made my life immensely easier this year.
{Bushels of thanks Kimber and Hailey.}

Scooter rides at dusk

A meandering bike ride while my car got new brakes/rotors {doh!}that took me through the sleepy Saturday morning streets of Bountiful, Centerville, then back to my home on the hill in Salt Lake.

Quiet moments at the Awesome's just feeling like I belong.

Albion Basin at Alta with my man.
One of those truly perfect nights - Korean food, just right motorcycle weather for a ride up Little Cottonwood, wandering around in the wildflowers together, being wrapped up in a too big for me leather jacket that smells like him on the ride home watching the city turn pink, eating peaches on the porch while watching the cat chase things in the night... yep, perfection.


  1. Your collage of photos Re always memory invokers. May you always see life through the goodness of your heart.

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  3. You blog is my all time favorite!! Have you put it into a book yet?

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  5. I love that you were with your man too! Reading about your happiness brings joy to my heart!

  6. Love your poetry and photos.

  7. I LOVE your blog, MS. Jenna; and I love even more when I read the words....'my man'. I try not to ask questions, but am soooo intrigued! I'm with Sarah - reading of those simplicities that make you happy bring joy to us all.

  8. thanks guys, it's been a lot of fun sharing and also really great reading your comments. I always look forward to the comments.

    and to answer your question Frybaby, 3 books - my years as sushicat, my time on the ship, and this alt tab project. I'll show them to you when I get it all printed.

  9. You're a dang good photographer and storyteller, JMR. :)