ALT TAB: 8/52

My doodles during a leadership training meeting.  I was thinking about what the speaker was talking - love and the ripple effect it creates in our lives - I didn't realize until I was about done that it went very well with my thoughts on the subject. To me it looked like the lines of influence you can have with your personal touch...yada yada.. 
Can't read too deeply into a doodle though, can you?

My view from my bathtub late last night as I chatted with my friend Adri. Gosh, I'm surrounded by wonderful people.  My life is so full.
{Photo recreated afterward.  It was one thing to have my phone in the tub, quite another to invite the ipad in as well.}  
I like looking up at the bottom of leaves.  Makes me feel like a grasshopper.

And this is me blow drying my hair, laughing my head off at an email.  It wasn't supposed to be funny, but it just struck me to the core.  I couldn't help but laugh.  That's multitasking of the best kind.

Quite the hand if I do say so myself.  For those of you who don't play golf you won't understand that five 2's is unheard of.  Those of you who play...well, you'll understand my joy.

Sushi 101 with Chef Bob and RC1.  What a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Expecting the cat to be waiting for me to snuggle up for the night in her usual spot I looked around to find her in my suitcase instead.  Packing tips from my favorite critter?  Thank you dear.  If she were into it, I'd pack her along and take her for a ride on my bike with me this weekend.

66 degrees in Hurricane, Utah tomorrow. 13 MPH winds. 50 miles on my dear bike.

Hip Hip!!

"the world imagined is the ultimate good." -- Wallace Stevens {as quoted to me in the above mentioned string of emails that makes my inbox one of my favorite places to visit during the day.


  1. You live in Hurricane? No way! I had no idea. I always tell people about the pronunciation of it. So funny!

    1. I actually live in Salt Lake City, I'm going down for the weekend - Parade of Homes and bike race =) It is totally pronounced funny, and embarrassing when I accidentally pronounce the storm Hurricane like the city...

  2. "66 degrees in Hurricane, Utah tomorrow. 13 MPH winds. 50 miles on my dear bike." --Ya, we're fighting right now. Safe travels.

  3. Enjoy your weekend, clean fresh air, and bluest of skies. A little jealousy reigns (literally) over here in soggy Virginia.

  4. Not a sushi fan myself, but I can imagine it would be fun for someone adventurous like you :)