ALT TAB: 7/52

It might have been the holiday, but I feel like my week has had a bit of rosey tint to it.


pretty pretty tulips from the sweet rc1

my umbrella after walking to work in the snow

our neighbors were especially busy this week

a truck load of recycled hearts on the side walk {a favorite find this week!}

a spontaneous sushi dinner Valentine's night.

Remember how I told you last week that I like to believe I live in a romantic comedy?  Imagine being at work contemplating ditching out early to ride your bike when a tall, handsome man shows up with flowers.  You go for a walk in the sunshine, and find the truck load of recycled hearts on the side walk.  You are reminded that you are loved, and when you go back to work your boss is caught up in the moment and throws cash at you and tells you to go out and celebrate the holiday.  So you go walk around some more, and eat sushi and feel warm inside.  Would you feel like you lived inside your favorite chic flick?  I did.

the alley way by my friend's letterpress studio

one of my favorite views, but from a new perspective.  The mouth of Parley's Canyon from the bike trail overpass.
Some one asked me recently how many scarves I have. I don't know exactly, but a lot. I decided to round up a few favorites:

1. My Grandma Rix's favorite color was orange.  This was one of hers scarfs my parents saved for me when they cleaned out her things after she passed away.  The necklace was hers as well.

2. One I just got for Christmas that matches so many things and it is so soft.

3.  This one was given to me as a gift by a man in South Africa after I bought a bunch of hand made pillows and others things from him.

4.  Another gift from my brother and his family {which really means it is from Kwona}.

5.  This scarf was the beginning of my scarf love.  While visiting my parents in Africa, they took me to my first B & B.  Located on an avocado plantation with a hippo in the fields below our bungalow type rooms I thought I'd landed in heaven.  Our bungalow style rooms were in a lush garden separate from the main house that had a covered patio and cozy library, all oozing with charm and loveliness.  I was completely taken in by the place and have mentioned it on the blog before.  The woman who created this oasis wore linen and soft leather and beautiful scarves draped causally over her shoulders.  With her place fresh in my memory, I found this scarf in Cape Town and think of that place every time I wear it.
This was also the beginning of my search for the spicy geranium leaf she picked from her garden and left on my pillow.

"Winter must be so cold for those with no warm memories." 
Terry Mckay in An Affair to Remember


  1. Memories relived and new ones made. Thanks for sharing all the pix of you too.

  2. You are so PRETTY! Love those scarves and those photos. Such a natural beauty.

  3. This is the most intimate and personal posting you have offered yet. A real glimpse into the One and Only JMR.
    The scarf mosaic was genius. Give my regards to a very wise and generous Boss.

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention....Backer's is still in business?!!! That bakery has been there since long before I was there during my college years, and we all know how many decades ago that was!

  5. Scarves are like shoes - there are so many pretty varieties and they make any outfit fun!

  6. Great scarf pics! Model portfolio, seriously.

  7. So fun! And I'm glad i made a mention. It was a really fun day!! ;)

  8. I love tall, hansome men!! Glad you had a wonderful time:)