speaking of pink

 I'm on a roll with pink this week so why not just stick with it?  I don't know if it's because of the time of year with Valentines fast approaching or the tricks the approach of spring - I've been in a big mood for pink.  And lots of it.  Weird.  I've never been into the color much.
 I wouldn't go so far as to paint my kitchen pink {though it'd be fun for about a month}but I could totally see myself doing a fun wallpaper inside my glass cabinets or in that cute nook I've dreaming about since I moved in.  Never have been into wearing the color much either {opting for red given the option} but I'd definitely wear those cute hot pink flats.
 I was even playing with the idea of throwing in a bit of pink with my bedding {an ongoing project} but I think I've moved on and opted for some fresh spider mums on my bedside table instead to get my fix of pink.


  1. I love pink flowers - and Spring can't come fast enough for me! The coming weeks will have plenty of pink and red won't they?

  2. The pink shoes are definitly you..all young and perky. And I like the idea of the print inside cabinets. You have fantabulous, decorative ideas.