obsessed with bedding

I can't explain it, but I have been obsessed with bedding lately.  Sheets, pillows, comforters... I dream of creating the perfect bed.  I've had some beautiful pillows made and maybe it wasn't the smartest way to approach the project but I didn't exactly have the end result figured out.. No, not smart, but exciting.  I love mixing and matching and taking risks.  I love them so I'll be able to blend it as I come across the perfect parts needed. 
Until then, I've been enjoying the hunt and my mismatched bed urging me on to make things right. 
Images borrowed from the latest online issue of Lonny, one of my favorite sources of inspiration.


  1. So pretty. I like the white and yellow.

  2. Lovely pictures from magazines but let's see the fabulous pillows you had made. I'm curious as to what motivated you so let's see.