over the roof tops

I suppose it's fitting to end yesterday and start a fresh new day with the same great color.  There is something to be said about continuity.  One of my favorite parts of this house {there are so many} is the view from the front porch.  I've been up for hours already today {the good kind of insomnia} so I've ventured outside a few times watching the city wake up.  The lights have this way of twinkling..I'm sure it has a scientific explanation like light traveling, or whatever, but I think it is magical.
Always my observer, I wonder if she thinks I'm as much a fruit loop as I think she is for the quirky things she does?  Probably.  Her smirk says it all.
good morning Tuesday


  1. You fortunate mountain people....gorgeous sunsets and soft, precious sunrises. God is good.

  2. That really is an incredible view.