wish list: new pillows

 I've been playing with the idea of having some pillows made for my bed someday really soon.  The problem is I'm a bit of a wandering soul these days and maybe it isn't the smartest thing to have anything made when who knows where I'll be next and what I'll want then?   
Rational me says, "You're just fine with your mishmash of bedding and sad pathetic flat pillows that feel more like rocks than pillows." The Designer me says "But grey will always be your favorite color, and mixing it with that green you love can never be a bad thing, and you'll love having fluffy new pillows..."
Ladies, ladies!  Please.
So to help with the decision, I made this {above} last night to go above my bed using all those colors to see if I really do love them.
That was silly.  Of course I do.  And I love the geometric pattern with the velvet coral...
Sweet dreams.


  1. Ok, so you asked for the ladies to chime in, and I'm not at all a lady. However, I think you should get them. Gray and green look great, you love those colors, and besides, you now need some new custom pillows to match your two amazing new art pieces you just made for your room. ;)

  2. I want the diptych, I want the diptych! The ginko leaves are gorgeous. You would make a fortune selling your artwork. Pillows don't get me excited, your paintings do.

  3. I love the painting, too. Ditto Nutt.

  4. Can you make on just like that with cool blues for my room. You are the coolest artist ever.

  5. DO IT! They are fabulous and so is that art! J'adore.