Blogging Social at Alice Lane

 Kirsten {6th Street Design}had a fantastic idea to have a party for the design bloggers in Utah.  Along with Alice Lane she hosted a fabulous event last Friday night.  To me it felt like rubbing shoulders with some of my favorite celebrities.  Some people may go crazy for movie stars, I go crazy for great designers, and these talented ladies are making waves for sure.
Wonderful people, yummy treats, and a beautiful store made for a really great time.
Sometimes this creative outlet of mine {the blog} feels like a silly thing for me to do with my time, but chatting with these talented women I realized again that it is so much more than that.  It's my way of staying current and connecting with other people who share my passion.

Amanda {recycled consign and design}, Autumn {design*dump} and me {yes, I'm a giant}
Thank you Kirsten and Alice Lane!


  1. No, you are not a giant!!! YOU are a model! Do you ever see short models??

  2. Looks like such a great soiree!

  3. Jenna...I love reading your blog. You are so stinking talented! I`m always in ahh of you!

  4. BREAK MY HEART!!!!! Really!!! WIsh beyond ALL wishes I was there!!!!!
    Live for us both, will you!!!

  5. you are NOT a giant..you are a gazelle. you make the rest of us look like gnomes because you are so tall and elegant! it was so great to meet you--as soon as my kids go back to school, i am going to pop in and see you at work.

  6. Only if giants have amazing long legs and killer style! Your a knock out!