project: attorney at play

I've been working with a client who has just finished installing wood floors in his home office and is ready to 'fill it with stuff' as he put it.  He came in looking for a drafting table. The surprise for me is that he is an attorney, but likes the idea of being able to tilt his work towards him.  Very cool.  I'm completely on board.  I love my drafting table, although I use mine as a raised flat work surface.

We got to talking about what else I would put in his room.  I love when a walk in customer becomes a design client by surprise.  This is just a quick round up of a few things I thought would go with what he described as his personal style.  Next time he comes in, I'll show him.  I especially like the bold rug from the Kathyrn Doherty Collection by Chandra.
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  1. It has to be quite satisfying to delight a quasi expert in design. Let your imagination run wild and show him a thing or two.

  2. That desk is killer. Great ideas!