GIVEAWAY! Fall Flags

 For someone who hates to procrastinate, I'm feeling pretty bad that it has taken me this long to show you my AWESOME pillow I won this summer on 6th Street Design School
When I got the exciting email from Kirsten I immediately went back to the Be Still site to make sure I picked the right pillow.  

Oh the fantastic choices! 
Sarah is so talented and picks great fabrics for her pillows.
 I decided to stick with my original choice and I'm glad I did.  I wanted to go crazy with color and pick one of my other favorites {shown above}, but I knew the zebra would be my kind of classic.
 Finding the right spot for it hasn't been as easy as I thought.  I knew I wanted it for my bench and I have the perfect pillows in mind to go with it but that project just hasn't happened yet.
In the mean time I'm sticking with neutrals and living it up for fall.
to continue the fun of a giveaway - I'm giving away the FALL flags hanging in the first photo of this post.
Become a follower, leave a comment with your contact info, and
I'll let you know who wins soon.


  1. Oh so loving that banner....

  2. OO, OO, Pick Me! Pick Me!

  3. Then again, there is always the old auntie! vdelhoyo@cox.net

  4. winner, winner #2! Ya Cara!

  5. How fun! Now when I visit Cara I can see the flags, too, so we both are winners. East Coast rules.