say goodbye to these

There was a filthy rumor going around that our fantastically sunny and bright fall was coming to an end today.  To be swapped out with cold, rainy, gray days {which I kinda love, so the rumor isn't all bad.  To every season and all that.}
Maybe I've been swamped with school {or out of the country} for the last couple of fall seasons so my memory is a bit off on this, but I think this has been the most beautiful fall in years.  No early frost, no rush for winter, just leaves doing there thing below gorgeous blue skies.  I'll get off my weather girl soapbox now. I do realize I talk about the weather a lot and it isn't for lack of a better topic, I just like it.
If you are at all curios about my last post about the Fashion Remix and wonder how it all went down, it was fantastic!  The concept of the night is a slew of teams made up of design firms, vendors to the trade, a fashion student and a design student collaborate and come up with a dress using the vendor's materials.

This was the winner and it was truly stunning. {Darrin Brooks & Humanscale} Especially when she hit the end of the runway.  The lights blacked out and her dress lit up from within pretty much stealing the show on the spot.
My friends at Architectural Nexus did an AMAZING job with their dress {vendor: Regency Royal}.  It was beautiful, especially the details, and won Best Use of Soft Materials {I might have slaughtered the wording of their award, but you get what I'm saying right?}


  1. All this in good old SLC? You would think that you were at Fashion Week in NYC. It looks so glam and fun. Give us more.

  2. Man, if I had a dress that lit up from the inside - I'd would be the hit of Relief Society!