burger crawl

The evening started out like any other saturday night in Salt Lake City.
only we were on a very important mission: 
To find the perfect burger.
Loads of choices, we narrowed the field to three well known places.
 First stop.   
B & D Burgers {13 East near the U of U Campus}  LT's burger joint of choice.
killer zucchini fries and the pumpkin shake was hard to put down when we decided it was best to pace ourselves and save it for later.

{nothing to do with burgers, but I love it all the same.}
Next up - The wild card of the night.  Smash Burger {21st South}  Neither of us had been there or heard anything about it so we didn't have any expectations.
The burger was fantastic, the rosemary sprinkled fries were a tasty surprise, no pumpkin shake to weigh in on though so I feel like we were missing the third element.  How can you judge a burger joint without the shake?
Final stop.  Tony Burgers.  Solid all the way around.  Burger is classic, fries are nothing fancy but the perfect crave inducing crispy sensation.  The pumpkin shake has a whipped, smooth quality that made it easy to drink with the giant straw while still being thick enough to fill up any spare spaces we might have left after our gluttonous game.
Mission accomplished.  Burgers tested. 
I'm still a die hard Tony's fan.  
{But that doesn't mean I won't be a turncoat if I'm ever in Sugarhouse looking for the next best thing.}


  1. How in the world did you eat three whole burger meals in one evening? I can not believe my little salad-picking niece ate one burger much less three. I am stunned! But I loved the pictures and the story.....guess I am just jealous I don't have a young metabolism and long skinny legs to house the burgers. You go Girl!!

  2. Hmmmm, pumpkin shakes...

    Are you for REALZIE??????
    I am just sick. SICK I tell you that CROWN BURGER was not on there!!
    Oh how I miss so many foods there. Crown Burger. I may have to re-evaluate this friendship of ours.

  4. Sounds like my kind of date.

  5. Dear Jax, I was so for Crown Burger but I got beat out on the surprise element Smash had to offer. I love a crown burger too, don't disown me! This won't be the last burger crawl.

    Vickers, the good news is we halved them. 3 burgers would have been over the top. Even as it were, by the third stop we'd slowed considerably, the tone was super mellow, I snapped a lazy two pictures, the big talk of stopping off at 5 Guys on the way home for a mini burger died completely..

  6. Oh great!!!......NOW I have to go try the first two places!! Been to Tony's but I am not as excited about it as you are:) We now have an In 'n Out but that doesn't really thrill me either..........GO CROWN BURGER!! But, then again, have you ever been to Burger Bar in Roy?? Try the Big Ben!

  7. Don't love Smash, but the other two sound amazing. Thanks for the tips. Killer Saturday night activity.

  8. Oh how I'm craving a big juicy burger, fries and any kind of shake!! I'll dream about it for a couple more weeks before making it a reality. Want to join me??? Mom

  9. Burger Bar! I love that place. It will definitely be included in the next burger crawl.

    heck yes Mom, I'm all for it. :)