something is taking shape

My heart has been so full the last week or so as I've been able play relay between our fearless leader at Church Headquarters and the group of volunteers who served on the Comfort last summer. She has been sending info to pass along or requesting it. I've been emailing up a storm. It is a blessing to be working with these people again.
As you might have seen, the church {The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints} is sending supplies and doctors to Haiti. The Navy is working on getting NGO's {Non-Gov Organizations like LDS Charities} integrated into their game plan for their relief mission which is tentatively to be about 6 months long. The church has their regular database they use in situations like this to call on volunteers. Because of our team's experience already on the ship, we've been compiling a different spreadsheet for availability to go help. The response has been quick and enthusiastic. Everyone is willing to drop life and run.
My small part in organizing this gives all the other parts of my life new meaning, as corny as that sounds. I've been so focused on my capstone project for graduation and the full load at work right now and in the mix of all of that something is starting to take shape. As I've been defining who I am as a designer and finding my niche is in the design world, the love I feel for humanitarian aid reemphasizes what I've been thinking for awhile now: I have got to make both blend together somehow.

Design to me is so much more than making things beautiful.

Last night I had a dream that I was back on the Comfort, starboard side, watching for Haiti with everyone else on deck as we got closer to land. That's when the dream got weird {I love when that happens} and the boat listed to the starboard side to a degree where I was holding on to the railing dangling over the edge. My friend smiled at me, said something witty and let go dropping down into the sea. I could see him bobbing in the water and I held on for a moment longer with so much excitement thinking, FINALLY! I get to drop off the side!! Something I had wanted to do the whole time but it is strictly forbidden. Sharks and lawsuits and all that mumbo jumbo. I woke up right before I let go! Shoot. Maybe next time.
I'm not really in to interpreting dreams, but what the heck. I'm going to say this means that I should keep taking risks, don't hesitate, or I might wake up and never get to feel what it feels like to drop 4 stories into the ocean.


  1. GLad you never literally jumped off the side, but maybe your figurative jumping isn't a bad idea.

  2. Whatever happened with that project you were describing to me last Nov? "Sooner better than later" usually works best. Keep an eye on the national news tonight or tomorrow night. The USNS Comfort is due to reach Haiti today and the news usually picks up on that.

  3. I think you should give Ty Pennington a call!

  4. Maybe you could be in charge of decorating the Comfort when it needs a facelift!!:)

  5. I have interpreted the dream --- and know what it DOES NOT MEAN. It does not mean to live dangerously or to take risks. How do you like that for interpreting dreams.