hard knox

my friends {with 4 degrees between the 2 of them} were teasing me that I've been uneducated up to this point in my life. This coming after I had shared my attempts at two other degrees before this one and never sticking with them. It wasn't for lack of trying, I've never been able to pretend to be interested in something unless I am and so my conclusion was working instead of throwing money at different colleges until I figured it out.

What I did instead: I've tried counting my jobs before and always forgot one or two... Let's start at the beginning:

1 - Biolabs - cleaning after hours with Jenny and Steven @ their family's urology/hematology lab.
2 - Ski-n-See as the youngest, and only girl at the Bntfl location with a Marker & Solomon Ski Tech certification for 3 yrs thru high school
3 - Dick's Bakery - decorating sugar cookies and 'accidentally' breaking one every now and again
4 - Eastman & Urban Modeling Agencies {we'll sum this up as one collective eye opening experience}
5 - Mediabang! extremely short lived PA stint, paid to hang out, run errands and shop for my boss's wardrobe.

{insert break in jobs while I attempted Fine Art at SVC on a scholarship I was too young to appreciate}

6 - St. George Car Wash - 2 wks in Jan 2000. COLD and dirty work while I waited for my job at the golf course to line up.
7 - Coral Canyon Golf Course - Player's Assistant
8 - St. George Ford - Service Secretary aka punching bag
9 - St. George Golf Course - about a minute there before I realized my error
10 - Debb - clothing retail, part time holiday work
11 - Traditions Home Decor - {the beginning of figuring it all out}
12 - RTO Engineering
13 - Coughlin Company
14 - English teacher at a private academy
15 - SK English - phone conversation {yes, really, paid to chat on the phone}
16 - English one on one tutor
17 - Token white girl in a slew of commercials and the all time coolest random job as tv host {w/my pretend German husband} for a travel show. I was a paid tourist, how cool is that?
18 - Traditions again at a new location and the birth of JMS Decorative Finishing {my killer -really, it killed me- faux painting side biz}
19 - Professional Installation Services - Travel/Administrative Assistant
20 - Design Assistant for that one guy who had a hang up with my hair
21 - Latter Day Bride - Bridal Consultan & the girliest job I've had and loved it by complete surprise
22 - Internship @ CCG Howells, office systems and commercial design
23 - NGO Team Leader aboard that great white ship I love so much
24 - Noble House - designer

so maybe my jobs haven't been glamorous, maybe I don't have a wall full of degrees, but I don't think I'd change it for the lessons learned the hard way. There are still so many pointless jobs I'd love to have and finding my 'career' has put a damper on my slacker ways. National park tour guide, skyscraper window-washer, professional dog walker, chef, story time reader...


  1. wow, good thing this was not a job application. I'm pretty sure I'd not hire you, based that I'm not even sure how to sum up your previous experience. Wow! You have been EVERYWHERE!!!!
    This is why I love you. You really are well rounded. As seen above.

  2. hahaha how'd i not know about your experience as a token white girl? i'd like to see the product(s) of that job!

  3. And here I've been at the exact same job doing the same thing for the past 10 years!

  4. Okay, time to quit with the "jobs" and settle into a career. You'll be happier and more satisfied.

  5. You definitely have a huge spectrum of jobs. You beat me tenfold! Although I do have a wide array:) I agree that you have found your true niche in life..........DESIGN!!!!