container container shippin container

containers! I have an obsession with containers. Shipping containers or ISBUs as they are known when used for construction. I've been reading everything I can find online since last summer when I started dreaming of designing clinics and small residential spaces out of these plentiful, stackable, corten steel boxes. Energy efficient, cost effective and incredibly sturdy..the list of benefits are endless.
One of the companies I've been following based out of Rhode Island, Stack Design Build recently built a clinic for Containers to Clinics. The clinic was scheduled to go to Dominican Republic this spring but it is now going to Haiti instead. I was just on the phone with Alison, one of the people at Containers to Clinics, and she said they plan to set up on the border to aid the refugees leaving the country.
So maybe I thought I was having a unique idea when of course someone is already way ahead of me. I'm so happy they are!! Now if I can just get involved somehow. I asked Stack Design Build if they take on interns...yes they do.

{both photos are from Haiti last April}


  1. See Jenna, your ideas are brilliant and doable. The big problem is getting capital to finance a start-up. Somehow you are being led down a definite path. I am so interested to see where you turn up next. Love you.

  2. This is a perfect idea. I love it.

  3. I lived in one of these in Iraq. They called it a CHU but I'm not sure what it stood for. I built a shelving unit and desk from extra wood laying around on the airbase. I enjoyed it!! I could have used some more creative ideas for decorating other than military gear all over! Ben