project: definition of personality

if you had to pick colors to explain who you were, what would you pick? mix up some blues, gray, gold..red but not too red, more tomato soup red... Really. Can you ever define yourself since you would hope to be ever changing, one step ahead of definition. It is a soul searching task.
remember that line from You've Got Mail? '.. a defining sense of self..' as Tom Hanks writes about how people order their coffee in the most detailed way trying to show the world they are interesting.
So if I had to pick a drink, it'd be chai {decaf}. spicy. comfortable. translucent. complicated. and versatile {served hot or over ice}
"I don't want to be interesting, I just want to be good." {not a direct quote, but something Mies said} and I agree. I don't want to try too hard to create who I am. I just want to be. I don't want to be too thought out. Never that designer who takes my self image too seriously.
this project is supposed to be easy, and I guess it is on the surface, but when I try to pick words to define who I want to be as a designer can I just say conflicting things: textured layered with a bit of whimsy.. don't pin me to one thing cuz I don't wanna be the same thing tomorrow.


  1. I could not pick a color , I like to many of them.

  2. I finally found you! Somehow I missed your post about a change of address, and I just thought maybe you havebn't been posting because you've been super busy. Glad I'm back in the know.

  3. I am a total YELLOW through and through and I enjoy the happiness it brings. I find change in other things but not in MY color.