birthday all week long

and the birthday celebrating just keeps on coming. The more drawn out the better. I think a record for the Birthday Song was set for my birthdays with this one. {6 times? That's a lot!} I started out my birthday by sleeping in after 'the longest day ever' which was much needed and appreciated. My lovely bosses gave me the day off so I spent the rest of the day doing as I pleased. A little shopping and wandering around felt like the best kind of freedom without deadlines or hurrying from one place to the next trying to fit it all in.

a game of pool and dinner at Bombay House and pumpkin pie finished out the day with my parents and RC1.
Friday my bosses sang to me and we had brownies.
Over the weekend I went out to dinner with friends at the Spicy Lady in Heber. A cool little saloon on Main Street. For dessert Adrienne made her famous apple crisp with the surprise twist of orange/lemon zest. Monday - Cafe Rio and homework with RC1.

{Are you starting to see a pattern with all the goodies?}

Grandma stashed a birthday cake in her freezer and we dug {seriously, the thing was frozen solid} in tonight as we played rummycube. Ice cream cake + brownies in the middle and topped with three, THREE! kinds of candy. Grandma knows how to throw a party!!

and the celebrating isn't over yet. Still have an outstanding lunch with my separated at hospital crib mate Jax. {if we can ever make it happen!}

Thank you all for making me feel special all week long.

Yesterday is my favorite part of my birthday because November 4th 28 years ago a woman gave me to my family who I am so proud to be a part of. I think about her and about what it must have been like to be her and I will be forever grateful to her for the decision she made. I don't know if I'll try to contact her. Up until this year it has never been my intention of looking for her and I've only just started rethinking why I made that choice. If I could say anything to her, 'thank you' would fall very short.


  1. Seriously, you have more fun and deserve every bit of it. Wait for the year you turn 30. You will have even more friends then to wish you happiness and share cake with.

  2. Sounds like your birthday has been very eventful and fun! I guess I need to wish you a belated birthday as well!

  3. Happy Birthday Jenna. You are a lovely person!