Hope's Dream Room

Project: Hope
Client: 13 year old Hope. A sick little girl living here in Utah in need of a transplant. Make - A - Wish Foundation is granting her wish of a new room and my AutoCAD class presented options to them Wednesday night.

We were given a few of her likes/dislikes and a pretty hefty budget. Blue/fairies/gardening/Twighlight/Jonas Brothers. I gave her a restful room with plenty of room to grow and the option to give her a few hundred dollars from the design budget to accessorize as she pleases.

These drawings were scanned in before I put the finishing touches on them, but it shows the color scheme and general style of furniture.

My favorite parts of the room are the rug found on DesignPublic.com and the fairy artwork {not shown here, pretend it is in the frame above her bed} with a mermaid fairy conversing with a dragon fly. Too cute.

This was a fun opportunity to dream big and meet the wishes of a sick little girl. It was easy enough to think back to when I was that age and what I would have wanted in my dream room.

It was an emotional night for all of us as we met with people from the foundation and heard stories of other wishes they have granted in the past. After we presented out ideas, the excitement built as we were told that many of them will be implemented into the design of Hope's room.


  1. Make a Wish Foundation makes miracles and how special it is for you to be part of it. Your room for Hope looks amazing, part grown-up, part fantasy, and all elegant.

  2. You did a great job with this, love the colors very relaxing.