on the vine

Scarecrows, corn rows, pumpkins on the vine
Leaves curl, wind swirls...Fall is right on time.

Thought I'd share my favorite little saying about fall that runs through my head sometimes when I see leaves swirling in the wind.
Though, today it is snowing and the leaves are soggy and squished to the ground. Kinda early, but I like it.
The count down begins. 23 hours until I start the longest day of the semester thus far: Historical Furn. Midterm, documents turned in {a month of hairy CAD work}, and a presentation for Make-A-Wish Foundation for a little girl's room who's wish was to have a fairy/gardening/SpongeBob filled room. {Bet you can't wait to see how I blend those themes together huh?}


  1. And there I thought the'longest day' you were referring to was your upcoming birthday on Thursday. Sounds like both days will fall on the same day. How unfair is that????

  2. actually I'll get the longest day out of the way tomorrow and celebrate it being over along with my birthday the next day :) And then you are coming to town next week I hear, so rummycube will be in the mix I hope. :)

  3. Happy birthday day to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Jenna Marie.....Happy birthday to you!