Sadly, not much to be said about March at this point.  I don't have many vivid memories, just a blur of happiness and a few photos collected to give March it's moment.  The photo above was taken in Oakley when we drove up one a Sunday afternoon and had dinner with my dear friends Suzanne and Greg at their horse ranch.
Late one Friday night I sprung a wild idea on David to move our room around.  It was high time for some rearranging.  Vesper was as excited as I was.  She likes curiosity, and moving furniture creates all kinds of adventures for a cat.  David laughed at my timing, but he was amenable so long as it was quick.  The bonus came in the ambition of the curious cat to leap to the top of the upended mattress where she would be able to look down on us once again.  She used to have a kitty loft where she could watch the goings on of the Pollyanna kitchen. We took a long break in the middle to 'help' the cat in her endeavor.  It was clear in the twitch of her tail and her false starts that she was after greatness.  We stood by cheering, which I'm sure took some of her will to leap right out her.  It would be unthinkable to have her humans watching these kinds of things with such rapt attention.  It'd be too much like entertainment, and that's a dog's job.  Saturday I took down the too colorful and patterned window panels that were the perfect thing for my dark basement room on 7th avenue, but really wrong in our room.  Then stripped the bed of my colorful collection of blankets and patterned pillows, and our room instantly felt bigger and brighter.  I've always had an eclectic collection of things made up from treasure hunts and my evolving aesthetic, so it was a fun change of pace to start with a blank slate and begin to slowly build a new nest more suited to fit an us in it rather that just a me.  I hung the impulsively, but instantly loved, His and Her bikes we got with some wedding cash and the new sheer panels and our room felt like it was welcoming a new season with much more sunshine to come.
Dillon and Seaira stayed with my parents while Ben and Kwona took Cari and Devin to Oregon to have their friend do some dental work on them.  Dillon threw a balloon high in the air at Liberty Park and said 'Watch this!' 
A painting I almost gave up on when David gave me some of his thoughts on what he was seeing and opened my eyes to a direction to take it in that I hadn't considered.  I'm still critical of it, but I look at it now and like the memory of what it felt like to have him see potential where I didn't see any.  I've never felt comfortable creating anything with anyone around to see the progress, or lack of, while I'm working.  It's been surprising to me to enjoy hearing his thoughtful thoughts on things.  It's the honest truth that this man of mine makes living much, much better.
David had been out on his bike more than I'd been on mine so you can't tell from this photo but I felt like my lungs were trying to escape right out of me and flutter away in the wind after climbing our way to the top of a {very long, seemingly never ending} steep hill.  I used the convenient blossoming tree at the top as an excuse to stop and enjoy the sunshine for a minute.

Our garden after we tilled it on a blissfully warm Friday afternoon.  It looks so hopeful and ready to grow wonderful things.  If only David hadn't left it in my care while he went to Hong Kong in May.  I did my very best.  And now we've left it in the hands of our kind subletters so we'll see how it's doing at the end of the summer.
My caked pallet that I've been dabbling from more lately though I still feel like it's an uphill battle.  For every tiny bit I like I feel like there are layers and layers of failures. As much as I love having David's encouragement I have a real worry that I'll never find a way to express what I see. I like to think I'm peeling away at something and will find what I'm looking for it if I just I keep after it.
And to finish off with a bookend memory, a cozy Sunday evening spent with Matt and Sarah and their cute kids in Olympus Cove. 


  1. You two look like you have been together forever. Strange, but not surprising. You are obviously soul mates.

  2. Soul mates for sure. He makes life better for you and you for him.