The difficult thing about writing in the past tense is not remembering all the little day to day details.  I remember slivers of February.  A clear, brisk hike around the neighborhoods nestled into the mountainside.  Picnics in our room watching copious amounts of The Good Wife and talking about the characters like they're real people.  Vesper working her kitty charms on David, slowly winning him over.  Missing him from Saint George for ten days while we installed the parade homes.  Fun adventures when he came down and we spent a week playing and napping and getting in lots of quality time with Ben's family.  Kwona's cooking.  {David would want me to add a few !! after Kwona's cooking.}

Our view from the house we rented for the install on Coral Canyon golf course.  It was fun for me to live just off a tee box where I had worked at for three years.  I have so many happy memories  getting up before the sun, being outside every day of the year in every weather condition, chasing lizards and catching anything that moved.

Ben came and picked me up from one of the parade homes since I didn't have a car and took me back to Hurricane with Dillon and Seaira in the back of his Camaro drawing while we chatted.  It felt so SO good to be with my family.  I was completely soaking it in.  We were having family night with my parents on skype when they had a surprise visitor - Dave-David!! - so he was there with us and I couldn't stop staring at him.
I took this photo in our shower the night I left.  I love the sunlight in there late in the afternoon so I asked him to get in with me to soak it in for a minute.  I'm glad he puts up with my silly ways.
Someday I'd love to live in a home in Kayenta.  I imagine it as our retirement destination.  Him with his books and his writing.  Me with my brushes and my paints.  And cats.  More than one cat.
Our kitty.  Somewhere early on in the year she went from being my kitty to our kitty.  

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