New week, same sentiment. 
Friday rolled around and I tried half halfheartedly to get excited about the idea of writing my week up in a way that would capture the feeling of it.  How do I even begin to fit in the enormity of how alive I feel right in any way that would be worthwhile without using too many phrases like I'm just too happy to slow down to tell you about it? 

So... how about a few photos and highlights because there's always room for those.

I spent a beautiful Labor Day weekend in Midway enjoying Swiss Days and long uninterrupted stretches of time with my man.
Tried loving painting w/watercolors and came to the same conclusion that I'm an acrylics girl. But that doesn't mean I won't keep trying.
An alpine roller coaster ride that didn't make me feel like I was too old for roller coasters.
Concert with a few friends midweek that matched my mood perfectly.
My first special needs mutual and I'm already loving it.


  1. Looks like your handsome man got the "blue and white striped shirt memo" that Michele put out last week. He's one of the gang now. Serge was wearing his shirt the other day, too.

  2. Dave David can be part of our gang anytime he wants:)I LOVE the picture of the Alpine Slide!! I can just feel the exhilaration of going down that even though I haven't been for an eternity....or so it seems.