Theme of the week - scratch and sniff moments.  

It's that time of summer when the smells seem to be enhanced by the fleeting end of a season, laced with a note of nostalgia.  I give extra credit where it's due to the plethora of rain storms rolling through infusing the air that added intensity that comes from evaporating rain.  

As the mister and I were walking back from dinner at the Tibetan place a couple blocks away I had to circle back and sniff the shoulder desert plants to be sure I really took in the blast of homesickness for my red southern desert.  Next day I stopped to take a photo of a plant that captured a moment that smells like a carefree Saturday afternoon spent wandering the neighborhood hand in hand with my favorite law student taking a break from his studies. The next afternoon I could smell the vine ripened grapes before I could see them.  That catapulted me back to lazy circa 1980 summers in a hurry.   The rest of my week marched along to this same beat with freshly made pumpkin butter, steaming pavement mixed with fresh scrubbed canyon air, special fall slanting sunshine and of course, happiness.  {It does have a smell.}

Each of the photos I've included here could come with their own scratch and sniff scent.  Maybe I'm part hound, I sniff {just about} everything.  Ask Ben, I was sniffing an oreo last night at The Awesome's before he snatched it away and told me he'd eat it for me in the name of migraine free living.  {Oh oreos, I miss you dearly.}  

Perfect example - early morning solace at the temple smelled liked warm pavement and ominous clouds.  You know the smell right?  Peaceful energy from breezes that are up to something more than just being breezy. 
Or how about my spontaneous ride up City Creek after work when the clouds were black and I couldn't tell which direction they were headed.  Towards me?  Away?  I didn't care.  And the answer to my question was answered with freshly misting pavement when I reached the canyon.  The storm had already done it's thing and I think I got double the cardio exercise with all the inhaling I was doing.

Picking apples in the orchard has to top the charts as far as blending smells go.  Sunshine, sun drenched apples, fermenting fruit in the deep shadows, and plain ol' awesomeness.  Grandma and Grandpa sat on the back porch watching Ben and I picking apples like we were part of the deer herd that is the usual orchard entertainment.  While my big brother was hard at work with the apple picker I was mostly 'lofey-ing it up' among the branches literally breaking with fruit eating apples still warm from sunshine.  The last time he and I picked fruit in the orchard together was probably 20+ years ago.  It's fun making new memories with my big brother who can now crash on my sofa without crossing an ocean. 

I'll leave you with a quote that David shared a line from that made me feel better about my blogging woes.
 That man is a designsparrow whisperer.

Tell All The Truth

Tell all the truth but tell it slant,
Success in circuit lies,
Too bright for our infirm delight
The truth's superb surprise;

As lightning to the children eased
With explanation kind,
The truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind.

Emily Dickinson


  1. Welcome home Ben. Little sister missed you.

  2. Um. He's perfect for you. Thanks David for whispering.... It was wonderful to hear a real Jenna post again!!!
    And Jenna... Happy sniffing! Don't get light- headed!

  3. Ummmmmm..... how come it is Ben with the dictionary wide opened next to him, with his elbow guarding it, in the game of Quiddler? I wonder.....did Grandma win AGAIN!

  4. Ummmmmm..... how come it is Ben with the dictionary wide opened next to him, with his elbow guarding it, in the game of Quiddler? I wonder.....did Grandma win AGAIN!