ALT TAB: 29 of 52 {part two}

As promised, the second half of last week's entry.
Otherwise known as the Bear Lake/Jackson Hole/Yellowstone extravaganza.
It isn't every day that I have all my people within arms length so having everyone in one place was pretty wonderful.  We spent a couple days at Bear Lake with my aunt and uncle, Michele and Tony, and their family at their cabin camping, boating, eating, laughing.  Then on to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole for more of the same.  
Cari and I started our snake hunt hoping for one snake, but soon we had three.  One snake each for Cari and the boys. Seaira said if she had her own snake she'd name him Sparkles.  The next morning Cari caught Sparkles and Seaira was a very happy camper.  How many four year girls do you know who would giggle with pure joy while holding a snake and say, "Now put him on my head!"?? I only know one.
She makes her aunt very proud.
Yellowstone National Park
Highlights from the trip:
Gorgeous weather and views
Lots {but not too much}of time in the car seeing pretty things
Fun stops in small towns
Camping with Cari in the 'girls tent' with Bry as our tent neighbor
The stars.  Oh, the stars.
Taking in as many moments with my family as possible like a squirrel saving up for winter -- Korea is much too far away
Water skiing behind the boat while it was still in 'slow mode' and watching Ben in his element as he tossed anyone who dared ride the tube
Seeing Dillon get up on the skis for the first time
Having Bry there instead of wishing he was there
Friendly photo competition with Bry to find the coolest things to capture
Did I mention spending time with my family yet? It should be mentioned twice and underlined
We got home Friday afternoon so Devin could be in the Bountiful Pioneer Days Parade with the other two thousand plus stripling warriors.  Seeing this was easily my favorite part of the parade right along with sitting in the gutter with Bry and my brother Ben.

After the parade was over my dad was ready to make the short walk back to my grandparent's home to grab the car to come back and pick up Grandma Awesome.  I jokingly suggested to Bry that he should offer her a ride on his bike.  He did, and I didn't expect her quick answer, "Sure! I've always wanted to go for a ride!"
She told us it was a bucket list item for her and they had a great time, even if the ride wasn't quite long enough for her.

The rest of us walked home and then spent the evening out in the front yard, reminiscent of other years after the parade.  Only this time I was very aware of a feeling of pure contentment.  Laughing with my family, watching the clouds and generally enjoying every bit of summer possible followed up with some fireworks that rival as a contender as some of the best I've seen in a long while was the very best possible way to celebrate the holiday.


  1. You do get around. Next year maybe Grandma Awesome will ride a float in the parade. Check off another item!

  2. Such lovely photos of such love people in such lovely places. I can feel your happiness through your pictures and words.

  3. Loved all the pictures in this post! Thanks for being my "eye in the West" for all things family.

  4. SO. MUCH. HAPPINESS!!!!!!!
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad Bry came! That makes the trip 100 times happier!!!

  5. That was such a fun trip with you, Sushicat. I'm glad I came and was able to spend so much time with you and your family, and you really are a great photographer. I think you won the Photo Battle Royale. :)

  6. great photos! what a fun trip!