ALT TAB: 29 of 52 {part one}

 So much to say, so many photos.
 This past week was so packed with adventure, perfect road trip weather, and most of all family.  So I've decided to split this entry up.
It was absolute heaven being with the some of the people I love most all week.
I guess we could call part one The Beginning, or The Big Family Reunion Before the Big Family Trip, or simply, Last Weekend.  Whatever the name, spending time in Morgan with a church full of relatives was a great way to start out our week of family fun.

I especially loved seeing photos of my grandparents among the other photos lined up of ancestors.  It was a super sweet moment when my niece Cari pointed out the photo below.  I wanted to hug them both and felt like they were near by.  And having both sides of my family at the same Heiner reunion is pretty sweet. You may wonder how one might pull that off. Well, my parents are distant cousins, that's how. In fact, my mom's dad's mom suggested the name Marva for my dad's mom when she was born.  Read that twice if you got lost in that close family togetherness.
"Happiness is only real when shared."

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  1. That Heiner reunion must have been quite spectacular. Glad you could rep our twig on the family tree.