This week marks the half way point for my little ALT TAB project and I've very much enjoyed this pared down version of documenting my life.  Knowing I have one entry to represent my time has made a difference in how I look at my week.  While I might not have stuck with my original format, I've stuck with making sure to recognize what I'm most grateful for in my beautiful corner of the world, tucked up on the hill.  I had my ipad worked on this week so I backed up my images to my computer and watched the little screen shoot through the files representing the last six months of my life at lightening speed.  If there is such a thing as having you life flash before your eyes I hope it looks a bit like that, only on a screen as big as the sky.
I spent my usual Thursday evening at the Awesomes' house, having dinner in the nook and picking apricots. I love having this schedule with them.  Knowing that twice a week I can go 'home' and feel that special kind of love grandparents give.  The apricots are lovely {if not small} this year and I think I've found the perfect sugar free jam recipe.  Can you guess what I'll be up to this weekend?

This week I'm most grateful for: tin foil dinners shared in the front yard on a perfect summer night with the girls in my ward - having nieces and nephews to shove me in the freezing pool when I couldn't muster the courage to do it myself - crisp morning bike rides up the canyon - feeling the sunset on my back in the orchard

I do feel like mentioning the loss of Nora Ephron, who wrote the screenplays for movies that unknowingly {until reflection just now}shaped a bit of who I am.  It isn't a stretch really if you think about it.  Her lead characters are all hopeless romantics, out to shape their world, find real love, all the while taking in the beauty of life and seem to understand that no matter how much you try, it simply can't be planned and that is really half the fun.  If I got my way, I'm sure I'd miss all the fun.  

So what if I want to be in love in a movie?  I don't think it's unobtainable.  So maybe the guy won't express himself like Tom Hanks, maybe I'll never live in a brownstone on the upper east side or meet a stranger on the top of the Empire State Building.  I will still most definitely always have a soundtrack to my real life containing lots of great jazzy stuff, I'll keep wearing cardigans and ballet flats and I'll keep living my own versions of bouquets of sharpened pencils and stolen moments on top of the Empire State Building because real life does have a way of making even the best movie pale in comparison. And most of all, I'll never settle for less than happily ever after.  A girl can dream, and I think that's what her movies instilled in me most.  

I will continue to ask myself the question when I'm mid real life moment, My life sure reminds me of a Meg Ryan movie, or is it the other way around?

"..Although on the other hand, this not knowing has it's charms."
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  1. cute, cute, cute last paragraph and line! I totally put myself in love movies too. :)

  2. Your blog is most definitely my FAVORITE blog to read!!

  3. I am jealous of your weekly Awesome visits. And so jealous of the apricots. I love grandmas dried apricots.

  4. Thank you for some more precious views of life on 12th South. I love looking at life through your eyes at least once a week.

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  6. My book group is reading HEARTBURN in honor of Nora's passing. She was a gem. As are you!