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200 Mile relay -  2 days & 1 night  - 12 friends - 2 vans - crazy amounts of fun!

Who knew Ragnar would be so fun?  When I first heard about the Wasatch Back {Ragnar} I thought it sounded incredibly difficult and while I wanted to do it, I wondered if I could.  I don't enjoy running.  In fact, training for this I think I ran maybe three times, and never very successfully.  I'd get a few blocks from home and wish I was out on my bike instead, or I'd start to worry about the pain in my bum skier knees, or get distracted by furniture in the gutter...  So being part of 200 mile relay from Logan to Park City?  I thought no way would my knees let me be part of that kind of thing and even if so, I wondered if I'd like it.  But when a friend had to give up her spot this year and asked if I wanted to take her place I decided, 'Why not?  I've wanted to do this for years, just do it already.'
 Besides, I had so much fun with Jess {above}on our Fashion Remix team I knew I'd have fun doing this.  Even if I had to walk my 19 miles of the relay.  Just the experience of being there, seeing the much talked about Ragnar happen and be a part of it was enough for me.
 Every aspect of the race was fun.  The fact that I didn't know any of my teammates in the van added an element of mystery to the adventure and they were welcoming and so friendly I felt like at the end of the weekend we'd known each other much longer than 36 hours.  But a few hours in a van doing something difficult brings people together in a neat way.
The scenery was very pretty and the other vans all decorated and the outfits the runners wore kept us all entertained. 
And the running?  The running turned out to be not so bad.
 I ran my first 6 mile leg Friday morning while it was still cool and thought at least I ran my first part.  Then I ran my second 5 mile leg later that evening and thought it was a fluke created by the gorgeous twilight hour I spent running through Morgan watching the shadows lengthen on the rolling hills around me.  But when I faced my 3rd and final leg Saturday morning, a 7.8 mile run in high noon heat almost entirely an uphill climb along the east side of Jordanelle Dam and came out the other end of it still running?  I thought it was some kind of ragnar miracle.

I think it also had a lot to do with my 'vanmily' as Amy put it, and the way they kept cheering me on.  We would drop each runner off at the next exchange. Then drive a mile or two ahead of them and wait for them there with water and encouragement.  Knowing they were waiting for me just up ahead kept me going.  At one point on that last ridiculous leg I was half way up the seemingly never ending mountain when I saw my van-mates up ahead standing on the side of the road yelling my name and I literally shed a tear of joy.
Two of my lovely van-mates - Jess and Amy {who flew in special for the race from Alaska}
Oh, and I wasn't smacking that guy like it looks.  I was offering him my fresh cold sponge from the cooler my van had just tossed me.
Seems I've been living for the weekend lately doesn't it? 

Other cool things have been going on in the in between.
My parents came for a visit.
Kwona and the kids are in Utah for the summer.   
I got my first flat on my bike the other day a lived to tell the tale.
And beyond cool, I came home from work the other day completely exhausted and ready for bed when I found a package in the mailbox for me.  I was super curious because it was from a friend in CA I've never actually met in person before.  We 'met' when I posted a water color on a random art sharing blog awhile back and she surprised me when she contacted me to buy it.  I sent it to her and we've been pen pals ever since.  Talking about this and that and finding that we have a lot in common, like our love for cycling.  I opened up the package, baffled as to what she could be sending me.  I forgot all about being tired when I saw the most perfect jersey tucked inside some pretty tissue.  How did she know I'd been hunting for one?  And how did she know this very one would be beyond perfect?
{beyond perfect is when something exceeds your wildest jersey dreams}
I consider her my cycling fairy godmother.

I am surrounded by incredibly amazing and awesome people.

Life is beautiful.


  1. SO FUN to hear about ragnar! and nice work smacking the guy! i loved all the pics... what a scenic race! hope you have a fab weekend!

  2. Yes, life is beautiful, and Jenna is beautiful. Congratulations on a super human effort successfully completed.

  3. Way to go on your Ragnar, Jenz!!