ALT TAB: 27/52

 What can I tell you about my week other than raving about the weather, the way every day has had a bit of a vacation feel to it, and I can't get enough of summer?
That pretty much sums up my mood all week long and maybe if I dug deep I could tell you something more.  But it really if it has to do with being outside, I'm all for it. 

Some highlights of the week:
Picking apricots with rain drops falling off the leaves onto my arms and face from the storm earlier in the day.
Having some chickens cross the road in front of my car last night so I had to ask myself the age old question, "Why?"
The changing room photo below is the very first taken from my brand new iphone. {hip hip!}
Vesper.  Exasperated with me that I could let her stare at the fridge without opening it for her on her every whim.  It'd be open all day long if she had her way I think.
And a very happy 4th of July spent with loved ones, mostly outside and complete with a parade, a bbq, motorcycle rides and fireworks.  Couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate freedom.
 And now for some photos from our drive up to Heber Sunday afternoon.


  1. A million dollar smile is found every once in awhile along life's highways...and always brings peace and joy to all who are lucky enough to see it, and be a part of it. That smile can melt the coldest heart! And bring happiness to a friend in need on a summer road. Your mother has such a smile, and so does her daughter! It is hard to share feelings in such a public place --- but maybe you can feel it in digital form..
    Love, PBPB

  2. love the pics of you two! they look like a movie. and like ones you'd see on a photo blog and wish they were you. AWESOME. and i love the chickens... hilarious!!!!!!

  3. And I live the apricots, sun-warmed on the trees. Something so delicious and magical about harvest in the orchard. RC1is still a cutie. Hi, to both of you.