restoration-esque custom beauty

What would you do if you fell in love with the perfect vanity for your bathroom, only it was a foot too long?  You could look in vain for that second best vanity that would might make your heart beat a little faster like your first true love, or you could just have on made.

That's exactly what we've done.  I've been working with one of my favorite clients of all time on remodeling her bathroom and we spent a whirlwind of day putting together a bathroom plan because demolition had already begun at her house.  The only hitch in the plans was the piece we really wanted wouldn't fit.  This hitch actually turned into a blessing {as most hitches do right?} because we were able to customize and get a great piece of marble for the top that makes the piece all the classier.  The piece was installed recently and and the bathroom is all but finished and it is gorgeous.  I'll share photos when I have them, until then, a little CAD drawing my cabinet guy drew up for us.

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  1. Can you come restore me? I feel like an old piece of furniture that needs a makeover. You know where I live..