Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West

I was in Arizona last weekend and when my great aunt asked if there was anything I especially wanted to do I didn't even have to think about it.  We went and took a tour of Taliesin West in Scottsdale.  
Built by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930's.
Known for his organic architecture, he used a lot of triangles in his design because he saw them occurring in the desert landscape and also liked the shadows they cast. 

 "Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the 'atmosphere' of the things they live in or with.  They are rooted in them just as a plant is in the soil in which it is planted." - FLW
I was surprised by his use of Asian ceramics in almost every building and outside as well cemented right in with the desert rocks in the walls as points of interest.  I loved learning that he bought a lot of the ceramics in bulk from a store at a large discount because they was damaged.  A bargain hunter!
It wasn't a stretch of imagination to envision life at Taliesin when Wright was there with his third wife and his apprentices creating an oasis among the cactus and enjoying the beautiful landscape.   The 1920's - 30's seemed to have been such a glamorous time to live.
Read more about Taliesin and "the greatest American architect of all time" here.


  1. FLW was such a genius. Thanks for sharing these great pictures!


  2. Your brain must be an incredible storehouse of facts, scenarios, visions, and colors. Not to mention your innate ability to verbalize poetically. You are just as amazing as the "Great American Architect".

  3. Great pictures. I always love to see Frank Lloyd Wrights work.

  4. I think he's got some homes out here. I need to see them.
    I think its one of his more famous homes. Hmn...on the to do list.
    WAY cool!

  5. Awesome! I have seen his work in Chicago and Pennsylvania. This looks amazing.

  6. I can't believe it. There is green grass growing in Scottsdale!