Murchison Falls National Park

 Murchison Falls, a national park in Uganda on the Nile.
May 2011
We saw bazillions of DLT's - Deer Like Things {not their official name, but it worked for us}, monkeys, lizards, gorgeous birds of every color and size, elephants, a mamma lion and her cubs, a super poisonous puff adder {a snake that moves like a caterpillar}, hippos, crocodiles, and lots of other creatures.
But my all time favorite is still the giraffe.
We went on a game drive after dinner the first night we were there and it was absolutely perfect weather for it.  A storm way off in one direction was creating a cool breeze and all those moody dark clouds I love with lots of sunshine.  My big brother Ben, nephew Devin and I stood up in our the third row sunroof the full 3 hours we were out exploring so we could enjoy everything in 360.  Ben and I kept saying, "I can't believe we are here right now doing this!"  It was a fun balancing act going over all the ruts and pot holes and we laughed a lot. 
{I love laughing, who doesn't?}
The experience in itself was better than I could have imagined.

Then it got better, if that is at all possible.
Our driver, Eamon, stopped the truck where a bunch of DLT's and other animals were all standing completely still.  A contrast from all the frolicking and racing we were seeing in every direction.  Something in the bushes was making them hold their ground and stay very alert.  An unseen big cat was our guess.

Among all the animals was a herd of giraffes.  We counted at least 20 standing along the ridge.  It isn't typical to see so many together like that.
When we started down the trail again we came around some trees and found ourselves in the middle of even more giraffes.  20 more easy.  Then 20 more!  Then 20 more a little ways after that!!!  Eamon said he'd never seen anything like it in all his years as a guide.
And they were just as curious about us as we were about them.
That experience goes down in my life as book as truly magical.


  1. Wow, what a magical experience for sure. What an adventure, and great photos as always too!

    And I noticed that you have an ad on your blog now too. I clicked on it so that you'd get some credit. I may just come back and click on it every now and then for you. :-)

  2. You lucked out arriving just in time for the annual Giraffe General Conference. Who knows what they were planning! Love all the photos but, of course, I really like the two personal photos of your family. Good Times, Great Times.

  3. I can't believe that is real life and you got to see it! AMAZING!

  4. oh my gosh, coolest thing ever!! what a magical experience. i'm so ready to go. :)

  5. Giraffe General Conference!? That's hilarious Vickers.

  6. I was watching a cable station yesterday because it was about giraffes. One question asked was, "Do giraffes travel in herds?" And the answer was, "No, they are seldom seen in groupings more than two to four giraffes." Just like you said....you really hit the jackpot with your mega giraffe sighting. Glad you got lots of pictures of a very rare event. It must be the magic influence of the great Jenna Marie!!

  7. That is amazing! So beautiful.

  8. These are all just stunning photos. What a sublime experience.