sweet container

My pretty new sugar container arrived last week .  I am pretty obsessed with all things terra cotta at the moment so when I saw it, I knew I could put it to good use in my kitchen.  

Plus, the bold statement, "Ideal at home, or on Safari" had me picturing myself as Jane in Tarzan.  A very civilized, long skirt wearing woman in deepest, darkest Africa with my pretty sugar bowl along for any baking needs that may arise.
Cat most definitely does not have a sweet tooth, opting for anything tuna instead.  Nor does she have a desire to go on safari {that I'm aware of anyway} but she approved of the box and packing peanuts it came packed in.


  1. Love terra cotta color! Love the canister, too!

  2. Awww, it wasn't the terra cotta but the word safari that got you. Come on, admit it.

  3. i love that pot! and i pictured the same thing when i saw the word "safari." how fun. also, your kitty is so cute!