come rain or shine

 It just so happened that this commuter and I were on the same schedule this week.  3 out of 4 days I ran into him at the same spot on my ride home {corner of State Street and 2nd Ave} I get a kick out of his unique mode of transportation.  I was impressed to see him out in the rain even.

I'd like to try that someday, how about you?  I imagine it'd be fun on hills!


  1. that's awesome! this is the kind of thing you often see in san francisco - business people riding unicycles, skateboards, & rollerblades through downtown on their commute. it's so fun! when i was younger, my stepmom bought a unicycle and we would practice in our hallway. i was never any good though. those things are so hard to ride!

  2. I think I like my nose just they way it is! Would hat to do a face plant.

  3. You have a good eye to notice details like that and a quick finger to get the exact pose each day. Only the change of pants shows the day change. That unicyclist must have powerful legs.