my monochromatic neighbor

I see this house every day on my way home from work. I have been noticing it more on these rainy spring days because this house looks especially lovely in the gray weather with the gardens perking up from all the rain, really making it shine.
I love being surprised by liking something I wouldn't normally think I'd like.  If you told me a house would look good with different shades of olive and avocado as the main colors I would have squinted at you to see if you were for real.  But it's been proven, in my opinion, this house is one of the best on my block.
{and yes, that is snowy slush falling mid April.} 


  1. That house is like a grand lady basking in the soft glory of early spring. Take a picture in another montha and post it so that we can see the flowers and blossoms around it.....and minus the slush drops.

  2. green steps?! im in love. this house is adorable. it is so super cute! gah.

  3. aw it's so cute! i really like the quirky bungalows. yes, sometimes "quirky" means "gag me with a spoon!" but i still prefer that uniqueness over something that looks like everyone else's.

  4. I love that house as well! And just like you it has been growing on me!!! I drive by everyday and love it more and more.