Stay True: the path to Personal Style

Every designer unquestionably wants to be trusted by their client to navigate the decision process because, after all,  that is what we are there for.  There is something to be said about having a client with exacting likes/dislikes guiding the design in the right direction.

There are two ways to design that I'm familiar with:

First, designing for a client is like guiding someone down a familiar path, but letting them pick out their favorite things along the way.  Nudging them to consider new possibilities, pushing them to be a bit more creative.  Informing them about the impact of  their decisions, keeping tabs on the budget and how to get the most out of it, allowing them to roam free a bit, reigning them in when needed.

Second, when I'm designing for myself I can pick my way around and choose at random to veer off the path and take risks, hoping to be surprised by what I find. Spontaneity and careful execution mixed together into something that is isn't easy to pin down because it is like an exploratory expedition.

So it gives me a little thrill to know I'm teetering in an uncharted area right now as I'm in the middle of space planning the parade home and playing with color ideas that will need to do a few small things: sell the house for the builder, showcase our design/products at Noble House, and be unique and fun to make me happy on top of all of that. 

Asking myself questions along the way about what the design should be, I get a kick out of being the closest thing to my own client right now.  {did your just skip a beat like mine did?} A dream job with untethered possibilities. {With a tight budget of course, but I love tight budgets}  Well then, isn't that when personal taste is potentially threatened by so much criticism it is bound to get skittish around the edges?  Illusive and hard to pin down?  Yes.  My usually quick, decisive moves are a bit more sluggish.

Stay true.  That is what I come back to when I start waffling and thinking I have too many choices.  My biggest hope for this home is that it won't look like staged or watered down.  It should be collected, not decorated or too showcase-ish.  Hmm...expect much?


  1. The artist in you is in seventh heaven. When is this parade of homes calendared for?

  2. What an exciting thing to be doing! You'll do great, I know. I am always struggling with my personal style so I love your wise wise words.

  3. This job is just perfect for you.