Sam Moore Custom Chairs 50% Off

Two weeks to go until our Big Sale and I've already been placing orders for excited clients.  Sam Moore is one of the lines that will be 50% off March 16th through the 19th at Noble House and this includes custom orders.  I love this company for their reasonable prices {even before the sale} and the fun fabrics available in this line.

Their site may not be so pretty, but the chairs definitely are.  Check them out online, then if you live close by come sit in a few of them on our showroom floor.  Oh, and if you love history like I do, check out the story behind Sam Moore.  I also love that they are made in the beautiful USA.

{I don't get paid by my company to post about our events.  I'm doing this because I'm excited about it and know that half off is a steal when it comes to custom orders.}


  1. I really enjoyed the tour you gave us through Noble House. You have such marvelously unique pieces there. Of the six chairs you have posted my fav is the top left-hand chair. Would love two of those to anchor each end of our dining room table.

  2. oh they do have some fun fabrics! sadly, our apartment's too small for a chair. and i wish i were joking! :) someday...

  3. oooo. i'm excited too.
    wish i had some of my clients budgets...
    see you tomorrow!